Card Controls: Peace of Mind for Your Users

With the rise of digital services comes an increased call for financial organizations to safeguard user data and provide better tools for consumers to control their finances. Too often, account holders feel helpless when their  debit card is missing and their financial institution is closed or unavailable.The feeling of losing a debit card is an immediate heart-sink most consumers have experienced at least once. . Whether a card is lost or stolen, many consumers don’t even know where to begin in taking control of the card once it is no longer in their possession.

With Card Controls from Apiture, account holders have the ability to view all available debit cards with your institution from their online platform. Right from your interface, your users can simply select which account to turn on or off, update their controls, or replace their card with a click of a button.

When an account holder chooses to turn off their card, they will have the option to temporarily turn off their card, or to replace it all together. If a replacement card is requested, the account holder will be prompted to provide a reason for the replacement including whether  the card was lost or stolen.

Your account holders expect the immediate control of their debit cards. Providing card controls ensures your customers and members have all they need to make their banking experience the best it can be.

  • More Financial Control – In addition to increased account security, your account holders have access to more control over their accounts – with the ability to turn cards on and off with the click of a button.
  • Better Banking Experience – Decrease call volume to your customer service team and improve user experience by allowing account holders to control their card access. Whether it’s a lost card, suspected fraud, or just an issue on the account, your account holders never need to pick up the phone to put a hold on their account. 
  • Reduce Fraud – Financial security is your account holders’ top priority. Give them access to ensure quick and painless fraud prevention through card controls so they can stop fraud as soon as they suspect it. 

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