At Apiture, our mission is to empower financial institutions to know and serve their clients with the care of a traditional community institution at the scale, speed, and efficiency required in today’s digital world. With more than 300 clients throughout the U.S., we deliver comprehensive online and mobile solutions that support banks and credit unions, ranging from small community financial institutions to new, innovative direct banks.



Awesome APIs and an awesome Developer Experience (DX) are crucial to what Apiture creates for developers. As an API First company, Apiture crafts open APIs as a foundational component of our comprehensive Apiture Digital Banking open banking platform. Developer Experience is a deliberate, designed aspect of our product that encompasses all touch points that developer customers have when building great solutions using the Apiture platforms and suite of APIs and components.


Location (Wilmington, NC, Austin, TX, Remote):

We have offices in Wilmington, NC and Austin, TX and while some positions are office-based, we will also consider remote candidates depending on their time zone.



As an Apiture Developer Experience Engineer, you will be a key team member creating the DX that will attract and retain developers. Well-designed DX makes our APIs a joy to work with throughout the entire application development lifecycle. 

Working with Apiture API Product Manager, API Architects, business analysts, and technical writers to understand the existing APIs and components and customer needs, your responsibilities include:

Create a Great Developer Experience – the documentation must be compelling, attractive, easy to navigate and search for internal and external consumers. It should not just answer developers’ questions but anticipate them. It must honor the way developers think and fit naturally to help solve their problems. Documentation includes reference documentation, usage, guides, HOW-TOs, concepts, conventions and terminology, tutorials, and reference applications and examples in multiple programming languages. Documentation is live, with the ability to try things out in a safe sandbox to see how the actual API calls work, what the request and response bodies look like, and how errors are handled. Support a content management system to allow creating and delivering comprehensive documentation. 

Enable easy developer onboarding – reduce barriers to entry so TTFW (Time to First “Wow!”) is minimal – less than 5 minutes. Enable developers to start using APIs quickly with free test or evaluation API keys. Onboarding includes API discovery and documentation, account creation, API keys, understanding licensing, fees, terms of use, and creating temporary developer sandboxes for trying out and developing/testing applications.

Deliver Software Development Kits – assist and support Apiture developed or partner-developed or open-source SDKs for the Apiture platform. Manage different SDKs for different programming languages or platforms. “Native” SDKs present the feature set of the APIs using the idioms and conventions of the target programming language and hide the HTTP transport protocol upon which Apiture REST APIs are built.

Support developers through community forums, whether they are Apiture-hosted discussion boards or external boards (Reddit, StackOverflow, Slack, GitHub).

Connect developers and DX with support and training, including bug reporting, bug bounty programs, hackathons, etc.

Continuously evolve and improve the Apiture DX.



  • Proficient with REST APIs, OpenAPI Specification, AsyncAPI Specification, HTTP, JSON, and several modern programming languages used to build services and clients (Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, Swift, C#, Clojure, etc.)
  • Proficient with secure coding practices to prevent fraud, abuse, etc.
  • Proficient with API Gateways, API management, monitoring, and reporting tools.
  • Some experience both consuming and building client-side SDKs preferred.
  • Application and service development experience.
  • Excellent technical writing skills.
  • Ability to work with and integrate disparate systems to create a cohesive, seamless solution
  • Excellent skills reducing complex problems into clear, concise, maintainable, well-documented sample applications.
  • A passion for creating tools to accelerate software development for others and delight users.
  • A strong bent for delivering quality products.
  • Willingness to travel periodically and meet with developers.
  • 2+ years’ experience with JavaScript/ECMAScript or Typescript 
  • 2+ years’ experience with Web UI frameworks such as Angular, React, and/or Vue
  • Bachelor’s degree in CS or similar technical field, or commensurate professional experience.
  • Experience with Jekyll, Markdown, Git, and other modern documentation and development systems