Ensure you are supporting your entire customer base.

During Bank Director‘s Acquired or Be Acquired: What Officers & Directors Need to Know Now virtual event in 2021, Apiture teamed up with Pinnacle Financial Partners for a recorded event focused on financial institution growth, and how institutions can be confident that their digital banking platform can grow with them.

In this recorded event: hear from Jen Dimenna, Apiture Vice President of Commercial Engagement & Joe Watkins, Pinnacle Financial Partners Director of Treasury Management Market Performance.

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There may come a time when a financial institution has outgrown a segment of the platform that has served its consumers and small businesses. That segment is large corporate customers. Large corporates have a set of needs that will never be met on a digital platform that is optimized for consumers and SMBs. Countless vendors attempt to solve the “single platform” problem when in reality, no single platform will ever be enough.

Get on demand access to this recorded event and hear about the opportunities that exist for your institution.

Key Takeaways:

  1. 1. You should have a digital platform that grows & serves all your consumers & SMBs. Your platform partner should be innovative, modern & forward-thinking
  2. 2. If your growth/acquisition strategy puts you in the $25B+ category, you need to plan for a second platform, to serve your large corporates
  3. 3. Don’t be convinced by core providers or other vendors who try to tell you that all your customers can be happy on a single platform
  4. 4. You’ll reduce your own and your customers’ frustrations by planning for the expense of a second platform (including robust payment execution engines)

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