Mobile Banking

Provide the mobile banking experience your account holders expect, with a clean, easy-to-use user experience and equipped with all the features they need to be successful.

Seamless Experience Across Channels

Mobile banking is your direct path to creating custom user experiences for your customers and members. As a channel that is constantly undergoing innovation, it’s critical that your institution’s mobile application can quickly and easily solve your retail and business users’ needs. We understand the importance of ensuring that your institution is accessible, regardless of where your customers and members may be. Our mobile solutions are built to do just that. Instill confidence with your customers and members by providing a seamless experience across online and mobile applications. Apiture Xpress Mobile supports all of the solutions your online channels provide including Balance and Transfers, Bill Pay, P2P Payments, My Spending, and Spendable Balance, as well as a number of features built for a increased mobile functionality like Mobile Check Deposit, Touch ID, Intelligent Analytics, and a custom Mobile Business solution. Our customizable mobile user experience ensures that the look and feel of your brand remains constant across channels. Start innovating today with Apiture Xpress Mobile Banking.

The best digital experience, out of the box

#1 Rated Mobile Banking Application

Apiture Xpress is proud to offer the #1 Mobile Banking application by App Store ratings. Our clients average a 4.87 star rating.

Mobile Check Deposit

Empower account holders to access funds instantly with mobile check deposit capabilities. With Apiture Xpress, your customers can deposit checks on the go with instant verification and low processing fees.

Intelligent Reporting

Get deep insights into your user trends within the mobile solution, so you can make data-informed decisions to keep account holders satisfied.

Single Sign-On

Save your customers and members time and increase security with mobile Touch ID. With a simple set up, account holders can easily and securely access their mobile application with just a touch of a button

Mobile Business Banking

Your business customers will no longer need to visit your branch for banking needs. Our simplified mobile business banking allows user to process ACHs and wires digitally so they can get back to building their business.