Person-to-Person Payments & Bill Pay

Consumers expect easy and reliable ways to transfer funds from their accounts. Apiture Xpress offers thoughtfully designed payment platforms that allow your customers to do just that. Our Person-to-Person (P2P) Payment platform, Pay Someone, allows users to pay friends in a click of a button. Our Bill Pay platforms allow your institution to completely customize the Bill Pay experience through a number of partner integrations.

Payments should be easy, now they are.

With every solution we offer, Apiture strives to deliver the most intuitive and easy-to-use experience to your institution and your account holders. Our payment solutions are no different. Apiture’s P2P Payments solution is built with both your digital banking users, and the payment recipients in mind, making it easy to initiate payments and easy to receive them. Similarly, Apiture Xpress offers multiple integrations to the best-in-class bill pay providers, so you can choose the custom experience to deliver to your customers and members. The best part? Apiture’s Bill Pay and P2P solutions aren’t dependent on one another, so account holders can use either, or both, with ease.

Pay Someone P2P Payments

Apiture’s Pay Someone, P2P Payments solution allows your customers and members to click or tap to send money directly from their bank accounts to nearly anyone. All they need is an email address or phone number of their payee, and the funds can be immediately transferred. Since Apiture’s P2P service is directly integrated, no enrollment is required to send or receive payments. Plus, give your customers and members peace of mind with the ability to create a fully custom user experience, complete your institution’s branding.

Bill Pay, Your Way

Bill Pay is critical to ensuring your customers have the resources they need to develop financial health. Apiture Xpress offers multiple Bill Pay integrations to the leading Bill Pay provider to ensure the best experience for your users. By partnering with leading bill pay providers through a seamless integrated experience, you can rest easy that when you switch to Apiture, the bill pay experience your account holders have come to expect doesn’t have to change.