Apiture IQ & Targeted Marketing

Intelligently market the product and features your account holders want, all while giving them access to the money management solutions they need.

Serving your account holders and your team

Apiture IQ provides your institution with a full suite of data and targeted marketing resources so you can exceed your account holder’s expectations through a real-time, personalized solution. It’s no surprise that many of your bank’s account holders use a variety of different financial institution’s for their many banking needs. IQ Insights gives you access to the data you need about the banking habits of your customers and members. IQ Targeted Marketing lets you take advantage of the data with the ability to created targeted messaging and offers. In the end, your customers and members win with access to the money management solutions they need and customized messaging and offers they expect.

The best digital experience, out of the box

Resource: Understanding Target Marketing & Competition in the Financial Industry

When a customer or member logs into your digital banking services, they bring with them data and information that tells their unique story. Learn how to take advantage of that data to bring your account holders a better banking experience.

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My Spending & Outside Accounts

My Spending and Outside Accounts provide your customers and members with deep insights about their spending behavior that spans beyond just your institution. My Spending allows users to better manage and track their spending with built-in intelligent auto-categorization and real-time  spending insights. With Outside Accounts, users can link all of the other financial institutions that they bank with, giving them a full view of their financial health. Combined, these enhanced user functionalities allow you to bring more value to your customers and members, so you can become their primary institution.

IQ Insights

Apiture IQ Insights give your institution the full picture behind your account holders’ spending. We combine data from industry leading sources with the information directly from your customers and members spending so you can better understand your users. With Apiture IQ, you can have access to information on how your users interact with their other bank partners with information about third party transactions, loans, credit cards, mortgage payments, investments, and savings.

Targeted Marketing

Once you understand how your customers bank, you can target the services and offers that best fit their needs, directly to them. Targeted marketing gives you the ability to identify and create segments of your customers and members based on the data learned from IQ Insight. Setting up a campaign takes four simple steps: identify your target audience, choose what type of in-app banner to use, upload your marketing message, and turn your new marketing ad live.