We are proud to introduce Apiture Voice Banking, your financial institution’s opportunity to offer a convenient way for your customers to interact with your digital banking platform. With Apiture Voice Banking, users can access their account information and ask general questions using their Alexa-enabled devices–ultimately reducing incoming calls to your customer service teams.

Apiture Voice Banking with Amazon Alexa allows you to stay at the forefront of the technology your users want and need. Your customers can get started in three easy steps:

This is an image of the three steps of Apiture's voice banking solution.

From there, your users can ask their Amazon voice device questions about their account.

Alexa, ask my bank…

…what is my balance?
…what are all of my balances?
…what is my Emergency Savings balance?
…what is my checking account balance?
…what is my spendable balance?
…adjust the amount I want to avoid spending to $400
…can I spend $25 on lunch?


Or, they can ask custom questions about your institution, reducing the number of incoming calls and the workload for your customer support team.

Alexa, ask my bank…

…what is my routing number?
…when will the funds become available?
…what is the customer service phone number?
…how do I cancel a transfer?
…what if I suspect fraud?
…how do I cancel a payment?
…what is the bank mailing address?
…what is the cutoff time for transfers?
…where do I find my full account number?
…what is an available balance?
…how do I order checks?
…how do I send money?
…what is Person to Person payment?
…what is an external transfer?
…what is the Pay Someone limit?
…is there an external transfer fee?
…what is the Mobile Check Deposit amount limit?
…what is the bank cut off time?

Get started with Apiture Voice Banking today