Core Agnostic Digital Banking Platform

We provide a full-featured, fully-integrated digital banking platform that allows your consumer and business customers to bank more efficiently in a digital world. We understand that you possess a singular view of your customer, regardless of channel. We do, too. We can help you integrate your technology with the best-in-class providers to power your banking services in today’s digital world. The core is the heart of your bank, and what makes us unique is that we will integrate directly with your existing core provider.

Our fully-integrated digital banking platform allows financial institutions to quickly and flexibly deploy the online banking features their customers have come to expect: features such as online bill pay, cash management for business and personal financial management for consumers. Today’s banking customers demand features that are mobile-focused, user-centric, convenient and secure. With Apiture, you can meet these demands—and more.

This graphic shows the power of Apiture's fully-integrated digital banking solution.

Customer experience

Using a process called design thinking, we create products based on a deep understanding of the end user. We know what makes your banking customers tick because we have met with more than 100 end users across seven geographic locations. The results of this research have helped shape our innovative approach to solving today’s digital banking challenges.

Our customizable user interface allows you to leverage your brand elements to create a digital experience that retains the look and feel of your institution. We incorporate user feedback into every step of developing and optimizing our full-service digital banking platform. The results of this study have led to increased usability and better overall user experience.

Financial management tools

Through extensive research, we’ve discovered some of the most common consumer pain points in financial management, and we’ve built vital tools to solve them. My Spending provides consumers with a detailed view of their spending habits within your organization’s existing digital experience.


Our commercial digital banking platform provides business customers access to an integrated platform built to address their specific needs:

  • Entitlement management: Allows business banking customers to manage users and tasks
  • Included ACH processing: Allows customers to enjoy more payment flexibility
  • Wire initiation for business banking: Increases the range of transactions businesses can process within your institutions’ digital banking experience
  • Positive pay solutions: Allow business banking customers to upload payable files directly to your institution


Your institution can provide the quick and straightforward payment options your customers crave:

  • Consumer and business bill pay solutions for ease of payment
  • Real-time P2P allows consumers to quickly send and receive payments with others, all within the framework of your digital bank
  • External account transfers provide even more payment options for consumers


We provide the tools you need to communicate with and successfully market to your customers. These tools include:

  • Out-of-the-box marketing solutions for products and solutions
  • Customizable, targeted notifications
  • Mobile and online marketing solutions

Apiture IQ

Apiture IQ Online Marketing provides actionable access to your customers’ internal and external data to arm you with the knowledge you need to make your marketing efforts even smarter. Apiture IQ Online Marketing™ Insight contains 100+ pre-loaded interactive visualizations that show data such as interest rates, engagement, account types and more. It’s the simplest way to understand your users and how to position yourself against your competitors.

This photo displays a screenshot of Apiture IQ Online Marketing™ Insight.

Apiture Target

Apiture Target lets you create segments, deploy adaptive offers and start tracking a marketing campaign in under five minutes with absolutely no assistance from IT or technical personnel. It’s all about using the data from Insight to place the right offer in front of the right account holders at the right time.

This photo shows how it easy it is to target users with marketing efforts using Apiture Target.