Open Accounts Online in Minutes

With Apiture, you no longer need to rely on branches to open new accounts. With Digital Account Opening, your geographical location is no longer a barrier to expanding your reach. You can attract and onboard customers anywhere your institution desires. This solution can give you ultimate scalability, efficiency, security and a world-class customer experience.



Our approach to online account opening is different. With Apiture’s Digital Account Opening solution, you no longer need to spend valuable time or budget changing the flow of your banking platform. Flow Architect™ is our real-time visual editor for your customers’ user flows, allowing you to update your online application process easily within minutes.

Things like new regulations, gaps in customer experience or a new company direction can all impact the movement and flow of the new account application process. With Apiture, you can condense an application process update that might typically take a year into a single afternoon, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters: running your bank.

This graphic shows the layers of Apiture's Digital Account Opening solution.

You can use our out-of-the-box user experience or build your own with ease. You will have the ability to leverage Apiture’s APIs to deliver a true and seamless any channel experience where a user can begin opening a new account on one channel or device and finish on another.