The New Customer Relationship: High-tech Meets High-touch

February 27, 2020 by Apiture

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It is human nature to crave connection. This used to mean interpersonal connection to family, friends, and community. The way we relate has changed. Now we communicate with cell phones, smart watches, and Alexa. Almost everything we do to connect is done through technology.

Digital Technology in a Digital Age

Technologies packages every aspect of our lives. Technology travels everywhere with us, at the ready in just few taps on mobile apps. We are connected at almost every point, whether it’s reading and responding to emails in line at the coffee shop, monitoring your step count and heart rate throughout the day, checking in for a flight while brushing your teeth, and so on.

With these personal technologies, specifically phones and smart watches, we have the power to stay connected with extreme ease. This is the new normal, and the financial industry does not get a free pass. Consumers are turning to their cell phones – and more recently their smart watch – to get things done and stay informed. Your customers and members expect their banking experience to follow the same tech standards that they have become accustomed to.

Financial Industry Trends in Digital Transformation

Finances are not a topic that everyone is comfortable with. Keeping track of the payments that are due in a given month or the worry that comes with savings are just two of many moving parts of  financial health.

Giving your customers and members quick access to account balance through right on their smart watch while in line at the grocery store, or asking Alexa which bills are due in the next two weeks, gives your customers and members a sense of control and convenience with their finances. These efforts can lead to more deposits and reduce financial anxiety, deepening your relationship with your customers and members.

Wearing Your Financial Institution: The New Tech

Financial institutions can be positioned to satisfy the desire for both personal connection and digital connection. High-tech paired with high-touch has realized power. Maintaining relationships through technology strengthens loyalty and trust, while still keeping the individual experience that we all need. By providing a variety of digital channels for users, your institution ensures feeling of control from anywhere.

Empowering financial confidence with both the personal and digital connection is what sets great financial institutions apart. Meet your customers where they want you to be.

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Article attributed to Regional Sales Director, Catherine Jennings.