Credit Score Solutions For Your End-user

November 4, 2020 by Apiture

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Consumer credit is one of the most important factors in a financial institution’s customers and members lives. Credit is what enables a person to finance their first home, buy a car, or fund their children’s education. Good credit lets your customers and members take charge of their finances.

Too often, your account holders don’t know what their credit score looks like. The only way they know how to check their score is via a third-party sites like Credit Karma, which was recently acquired for $7.1 billion for its amassed 100 million users. With third party sites, consumers are still worried about security, validity and how checking will impact their score – leading many to avoid checking altogether.

With My Credit Score powered by SavvyMoney from Apiture Xpress, your customers and members no longer have to  provide their information to a third-party  website to get information about their credit. Instead, they can check their credit score directly within their online or mobile banking application. They can also learn about the meaning of their score, get instant loan offers, and set financial goals based on ongoing monitoring.

Credit Monitoring & Guidance

Powered by SavvyMoney, My Credit Score brings value to your customers and members by providing them with a safe and convenient place to check how they are doing, rest assured with regular monitoring, and receive a personalized pre-qualified loan offers right from within your institution’s interface. Your users can also opt into credit alerts and instant loan offers, providing simplicity for an otherwise uncertain process.

While consumers receive safe and convenient benefits from SavvyMoney smart Credit Score solution, your institution will gain instant and holistic data and reporting analytics to better understand your customers and members. With SavvyMoney, your institution can provide customized loan offerings and targeted marketing based on your users score. Your institution will be able to better understand users’ credit scores and custom market loans that fit their needs with ease. You can utilize SavvyMoney’s analytics to launch smart marketing campaigns for score-dependent offers, enabling growth of loans In the face-paced digital age, consumers require proactive and smart solutions for banking. Your users need instant verification and access they know is safe and reliable. With SavvyMoney from Apiture Xpress, your users will have everything they need for their credit scores at their fingertips, while your institution will have a deeper understanding of and ability to meet  the unique needs of your banking users before they even leave your online and mobile interfaces.