Focusing the Lens for Apiture’s 2020 Vision

February 18, 2020 by Matt Ellis

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In August 2019, I joined Apiture as the Chief Revenue Officer, with the primary goal of expansion and growth through sales and marketing. As someone with a background in financial technology, I’m familiar with the current landscape for digital banking solutions and am excited to have joined a company focused on making a difference. I joined Apiture for many reasons, the same reasons I’m looking forward to continued growth in 2020.

The foundation of visionary, respected & trusted leadership.

I have known Chip Mahan and Neil Underwood, Apiture’s architects and board members, for twenty years. Chip and Neil have been at the forefront of banking technology. Chip founded the first internet-only bank, and together with Neil, grew Live Oak Bank to be one of the largest small business lenders in the United States. So, when Neil asked me to join Apiture, I was confident in the future of the company. At the time he was also recruiting Chris Babcock. Chris and I worked together at S1 Corporation and then again at Clear2Pay. We have been selling and delivering together for so long, we can finish each other’s sentences. Both Chris and I are thrilled to join the talented leadership already at Apiture. Chris Cox and his executive team have had a proven track record of building and managing excellent teams across the financial industry. I’ve had the opportunity to see how the accomplishments of this leadership team have prepared Apiture to change the landscape of digital banking.

The diversity of Apiture’s business.

Apiture is in the unique position of being able to serve a distinctive range of financial institutions. We have a mature business in Apiture Xpress. Supporting over 400 Credit Unions, Community and Regional Banks, Apiture Xpress is a proven product that our customers love. Its stability allows us to continue to innovate and improve the experience for banking customers across the US.

Simultaneously, we’re building a start-up in Apiture Open. Apiture Open is an API-first digital banking platform built on top of Finxact, the industry’s most powerful, multi-position and real-time core banking platform.

The combination of these two solutions gives us the unique ability to operate as an established business. Apiture has adopted processes and education from years supporting our Xpress customer base. This, coupled with the agile, can-do attitude of a start-up business, Open, allows Apiture to create game-changing products for financial institutions of all sizes.

The remarkable and dynamic Apiture team.

The work of the entire Apiture team over the past two years is consistently impressive. They have established a stand-alone entity, building processes and systems from the ground up.

In addition, over the last year, Apiture has transitioned our data and solutions to Amazon Web Services, increasing security for users, and enhancing future capabilities for our platform.

I’m old-school and rely on a month-by-month paper calendar on my desk. Replacing the 2019 calendar with the 2020 version always presents an opportunity to think about goals for the year.

Looking toward the future.

This year, 2020, is a crucial year for Apiture. This is the year we turn from building to growing. We have built and optimized the customer experience team, the engineering team, the customer delivery team and sales team. I am excited to see these teams thrive as they continue to build a better experience for our customers. These teams will also attract new customers as we build the best products in the industry.

Our new team of Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) are focused on connecting with our Xpress customers to ensure the best tools and solutions are delivered to them. This team is active in working with banks and credit unions who want to improve their digital banking experience.

The Apiture Open sales team will work with our partners to power transformational growth at top banks and credit unions in the United States. We will help these financial institutions immediately establish a direct bank strategy to meet customers online, open new accounts and drive deposit and loan growth. Over time, Apiture Open will help them break free of frustrating outdated infrastructure, including their core and digital banking, replacing them with modern, flexible and powerful solutions to drive growth and compete with Fintechs.

I am excited about where we are going in 2020. Stay tuned for an update this summer as I share news about our progress and what the second half of the year holds for Apiture.