Open Business Accounts Online in Minutes

Expand your bank’s reach and access new business customers digitally with  Apiture’s Business Account Opening. The reimagined workflow provides exceptional user experience while ensuring that all business and personal verification steps are met.

Our Account Opening solution utilizes APIs to connect to the data you need. So you can be confident that new business accounts are verified from the minute the account is processed. Get ready to securely onboard new business customers from anywhere with Apiture.

Digital Account Opening

Opening a new business account takes some extra steps, so we did the work for you. Apiture’s Business Account Opening Solution supports:

Secure Business Verification

We ensure the verification and security processes you expect by confirming that business information is accurate in one step. Through third-party integration, Apiture Business Account Opening ensures that the information submitted is that of an operating business in seconds.

Beneficial Ownership Requirements

When a new business account is created, all business owners with company stake must be listed on the account. In one, simple step, customers opening a new business account are asked to list their stakeholders and the percentage of business they hold.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Integration

Just as with our Personal Account Opening solution, Apiture’s Business Account Opening ensures that applicants pass the required KYC business questions before moving forward in the process. Based on the responses to these questions, you can customize automated response to proceed or stop the account opening process.

Pre-Built User-Verified Documentation

After you’ve captured and verified the standardized business information, applicants are prompted to provide supporting business documentation. In order to assist applicants in this step, Apiture offers pre-built templates to ensure proper documents are submitted.

Ready to create an exceptional business onboarding experience?

Let us show you how Apiture’s Digital Account Opening Solutions can build your business banking accounts today.