Data Intelligence

Take Control Over Your Data

Access to data allows you to know and serve your users better. Apiture’s Data Intelligence solution gives your financial institution control over how to use the data at your disposal.

Gain Valuable Insights

Data from Apiture’s platform presents a valuable opportunity to learn insights about your customers and members. Take advantage of dashboards and visual tools to view user activity and trends, leading to better business decisions.

Boost User Engagement

Engage users with a more personalized experience, featuring navigational guides and targeted walkthroughs. Our data solutions allow you to tailor the delivery of guidance and support to the right users at the right time.

Insights to Fuel Your Business

Data is power, and the more data you have at your disposal, the better prepared you are to make important decisions. With Apiture’s Data Intelligence solution, your bank or credit union can glean important insights from user activity, empowering you to act quickly to acquire new customers, cross-sell products and services, and retain business.

Apiture features a multi-tiered data toolset where you can dial into the level of engagement you want over your data. On one end of the spectrum, we provide a white-gloved approach to handle all aspects of data management for you. Conversely, if your financial institution has the infrastructure and resources to manage data, Apiture can provide a data feed to fuel real-time insights. No matter your data needs, we have a flexible solution that can help.

Data Portal

With Data Portal, Apiture uses your available data to run analytics and surface insights to your financial institution. Key observations and trends are delivered through a set of intuitive and customizable dashboards that will help you visualize your customer and organization activity from a high level. It also lets you drill down into the different dimensions of any of these insights to help make more informed decisions. The tool derives data from your core, your engagement data, and user digital banking preferences to deliver insights you can leverage to acquire new customers, cross-sell products and services, and retain business.

Data Engage

The Data Engage no-code toolkit allows you to focus on how users engage with your digital banking platform. As you begin to understand user behavior, this robust, intuitive interface provides ways to encourage expanded use of platform features. Use in-session messages — such as marketing notices, surveys, tips, and tutorials, including video — to educate and drive adoption of specific features. You can also create navigational guides and targeted walkthroughs to tailor the delivery of guidance and support to the right users at the right time.

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Data Workbench

For financial institutions who want a majority of control over their data, the drag-and-drop data tools in Data Workbench allows you to create your own charts, dashboards, and reports to glean better insights into your business. With this no-code solution, use data from the Apiture Digital Banking Platform or upload your own to dig deeper and inform your decisions in a more hands-on environment.

Data Direct

Build your own data intelligence solution with Data Direct. Apiture sends a daily feed of data generated between your bank or credit union and the Apiture Digital Banking Platform, allowing quick and easy real-time access to more than 50 data points across seven data sets.

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