This post comes from our partner, Glia, a digital provider that helps businesses reinvent how they support customers in a digital world.

As the air turns crisp and the landscape changes around us, the progression from summer to autumn is in full swing. This leaves us thinking of how to prepare for change, reduce the impact, and ease transitions. How can you reduce the impact of digital transformation projects and the changes involved for your customers, making it a natural transition, as seamless as the changing seasons?

“Digital transformation is the ongoing integration of digital technology into ALL areas of the business and culture of a company. This is the #1 priority for many CEOs and CIOs today. It is seen by almost all organizations as the need to fundamentally change how they operate and deliver value to customers.”

Digital Customer Service: Transforming Customer Experience for an On-Screen World

One of the key tenets of a digital transformation project is communicating with users—internally and externally. Guiding visitors through a new interface or process with visual cues can help them understand the benefits of the transformation and ease any friction points. Imagine if you could show—not just tell—your visitors how to complete tasks online. What if you could observe their activities and then offer proactive support along the way?

Digital Customer Support

Digital Customer Service (DCS) enables you to do just that, guiding your customers through their digital journey. You can walk alongside them as they traverse your digital properties, offering guidance and even completing tasks on their behalf. DCS tools like CoBrowsing, chat, voice, and video help guide customers through convenient engagement channels and reduce customer friction, effort, and confusion, all while meeting them where they are—on screen—and in the communication mode that they are most comfortable.

Offering a means for customers to easily receive help and on-screen guidance before and after a digital transformation project can be a win-win. You reduce friction points for customers, improving their experience, and your operators are empowered with context and information to quickly provide service.

Win-win results

One of Glia’s credit union customers was undertaking a major digital transformation project, and chose to roll out DCS first. Anticipating an influx of member inquiries, the credit union increased its contact center staffing. However, the ability for members to initiate chat engagements supported by Glia’s Live Observation and CoBrowsing features for on-screen collaboration meant that they were able to handle inquiries efficiently and with greater member satisfaction. The result: The whole process was smoother and with less support staff than anticipated. That’s a win-win.

Offering seamless digital communication options benefits everyone. Putting customers at the heart of your digital transformation can improve customer and employee satisfaction.

About Glia

Glia is reinventing how businesses support their customers in a digital world. Glia’s solution enriches web and mobile experiences with digital communication choices, on-screen collaboration and AI-enabled assistance. Glia has partnered with more than 200 banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions across the globe to improve top and bottom-line results through Digital Customer Service. The company has won numerous awards for its innovation and raised over $100 million in funding from top investors. Visit to learn more.