broodii is dedicated to providing digital banking solutions that help its customers access, manage and grow its finances. broodi chose Apiture as its digital banking partner at its inception in 2019 and has remained on the digital banking platform since.

broodii believes in providing customer-centric service by removing barriers to digital banking and providing features for users to better manage their finances. By working with Apiture, broodii is able to provide the level of digital services that sets broodii apart.

“In working with Apiture and their teams, it’s clear that their teams are driven and focused to serve our needs and our customers’ needs. Apiture’s support team goes above and beyond, and it’s just been increasing in quality.”

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Jack Fargen is the co-founder of broodii. Based in Rancho Cordova, California, broodii was founded in 2019 by financial services administrators with expertise in social needs. broodii is dedicated to providing mobile solutions that help their customers access, manage and grow their finances. broodii partnered with Apiture to provide innovative digital banking solutions and services that meet their customers’ needs.

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